Who we are

Hara GUTY is a non-profitable, non-political, non-religious association which mainly focuses
on human power development, enhancing economic forces, growing the history, culture
and the Tigrigna language, on the top of that our association is devoted to strengthening
global relations of Tegaru youth in every corner of the world.
The name HARA indicates freedom, freedom from poverty, freedom from illiteracy,
freedom from backwardness, freedom from harmful traditional practices.

Through organizing Tegaru youth around the globe (particularly in Europe/Germany), the
main objectives of our association are:-
a. would be able to work towards developing their culture (Tigray culture), language, and in
general to document, know, and let others know of their history and values as a society.
b. creating access to higher education all around the globe (especially in Europe), offering
technical assistance, and enhancing their academic as well as technical development.
c. Offering scientific solutions and raising funds for natural or manmade disasters if/when
they happen.

a. To see a society in general (the youth community in particular) free of oppression,
illiteracy, and poverty
b. To create a society proud of its culture, language, and values.
c. To create a modern society with a stable economy and strong international global